Classroom Management

Our classroom management system is supported by Aimmi and is currently being used for primary communications and management (e.g., lectures, homework, online quizzes, forums,.). Educational functionality currently supported includes:

  1. "Cloud" file sharing area. Faculty controlled, but will be automatically filled by the email system if desired (see below). This includes four separate areas for each class:
    1. "faculty" – upload/download area visible to and for faculty only. E.g., used to keep lecture material for class.
    2. "lectures" – contains the latest lecture material and is download only for the students
    3. "homework" – contains the latest homework assignments and is download only for the students.
    4. other – contains material such as the Syllabus, special notes, etc. and is download only for the students.
    5. "student_share" – can be uploaded and downloaded to by students.
  2. Student Area including:
    1. Forum to support questions, hints, clarifications, and comments.
    2. Online Submittals allowing students to post their homework answers online.
    3. View Grades allowing the student to see their current grade plus missing assignments.
    4. Online Quizzes giving immediate feedback. Can be used during a lecture to ascertain understanding.
    5. Online/Hybrid Classes supporting online flow (e.g., YouTube) with interspersed quizzes, PowerPoint's, etc.
  3. Email system which can be used for sending out:
    1. Lectures, the Syllabus, etc.: Everything sent can be made to automatically post to Aimmi Share.
    2. Homework: Aimmi sends out the homework assignment and accepts a reply with the homework answers attached. Alternatively, the students can post homework online. When Aimmi receives homework, or, alternatively, when the homework is due, she can send out the answers. Aimmi can also automatically give a zero grade on late assignments if desired.
    3. Grades: The student's current grade can be periodically sent (e.g., once every two weeks).
    4. Early intervention: Emails can be automatically sent to appropriate personnel for students with low grades.
    5. Assignment setup: Automatically sets up an assignment in the assignment area mentioned below.
  4. Class Management Areas include:
    1. Assignments Area: Used for grading. Any assignment submitted can be brought up anywhere for review and grading. Each assignment has a point value. Assignments are part of a category (e.g., quiz, final, project, homework, .), each of which has a weight. These are used in combination for automatic grading if desired.
    2. Enrollment Area:
      1. Add new class
      2. Semi-automatic enrollment setup using a spreadsheet from PeopleSoft
      3. Manually add/remove new students or modify existing students data (e.g., email address)
      4. Manually add/remove additional faculty, or modify existing faculty data
    3. Online/Hybrid Creation Area:
      1. Add new questions, quizzes, lectures, and other materials to create a weekly/period assignment
      2. Can be used for online, hybrid, or in-class tracked and pre-developed assignments
      3. Quizzes can be auto-graded and are automatically added to the students grade
    4. Online Team Project Management: Student team projects can be managed by the students to make sure every student is completing their tasks in a timely manner. Reminders are sent to the student if they are approaching a deadline. This is also available to the teacher.
  5. Simple Aimmi smart phone apps available for students and faculty use:
    1. Shared Lists Voice app: E.g., grocery list shared between roommates or husband/wife,
    2. Track Me/Panic Button app: Tracks an individual walking or in a car so partner can see progress. If panic button hit, Aimmi locates someone on a list of contacts and immediately reports the emergency, including the phone number and the location.
    3. Reminder app: Simple reminders; repeating or one shot. They may be sent to cell phones, PCs, speakers, tablets, telephones, or any other device desired.
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