Aimmi - Your Smart Assistant



Aimmi, a cloud-based time-sensitive decision making control system, integrates sensors, controllers, communication devices, people, processes, tasks, and work flow to produce optimized support to many different products. Some of those are mentioned below.

Agriculture, the Environment, and Robotics:

  • Voice activated, smart phone controlled, rational agent for optimizing and/or controlling resources
    • Irrigation management - Water Einstein
    • Chemical and/or temperature management
    • Border and/or insect monitoring
    • Feedback planning and control for robotics/embedded systems
    • Rasberry Pi/Beagle Board/TI for camera, web GUI, and/or voice interfacing
    • Temporal decision rules; rational, near real-time planning, feedback, and control


  • Significantly simplifies processing and reduces faculty-student classroom management time
  • Reduces administration-faculty workload and follow-up via simple workflow processing
  • Paperless if desired

  • Features include:
    • Regular, hybrid, and online classes
    • Early problem recognition and intervention for students falling behind
    • Faculty and/or auto-grading; instantly available to the student
    • Team teaching
    • Automated assignment management
    • Online, timed quizzes and tests with full and partial auto-grading and instant feedback
    • Short quizzes (during lectures) with immediate feedback
    • Classroom team support including student defined tasks, assignments, and ticklers
    • Comparative statistics and supporting tools

  • Functionality includes:
    • Intuitive email subsystem for lectures, homework, hints, answers, and reminders
    • Automated "cloud" for document availability and sharing
    • Forum for student question/answer sharing
    • Online enrollment, assignment, and grade management

  • Additional features for students, staff, and faculty — voice activated smart phone/PC apps:
    • Panic button/tracking, room Monitor while away, equipment/resource tracking, shared lists (e.g., tasks, groceries, etc.), and repeating reminders


  • Voice activated, multi sensor, multi actuator rational agent for smart home/business requirements
    • Simple installation and monitoring setup using smart phone and sensor/actuator inventory
    • Flexible, real-time, prioritized notification lists
    • Exact or probable decisions based on multiple conditions and time frames
    • Real-time or standard workflow
  • Special focus on seniors, neighborhood watch, or quick setup needs
    • Who is in the house?
    • What am I doing today?
    • What should I wear?


  • Monitoring appliances for maintenance minimization, engineering change requirements, and marketing (e.g., award-winning Dacor IQ Oven)
    • Diagnose problems; push appropriate documentation and inventory to maintenance facility
    • Minimize maintenance trips
    • Early recognition of engineering problems with appropriate notification
    • Provide marketing with possible strengths and weaknesses depending on usage history
  • Automated Regression Testing
    • Simple setup for test scripts/keystrokes
    • Captures and analyzes results (success or why a failure)
    • Allows rapid problem analysis
    • Fast turn-around for testing

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