Data Acquisition, Conversion, and Integration

RMC offers intelligent, automated information extraction, conversion, and multi-format delivery for real-time or off-line applications. The information can be placed in a database and/or sent to other applications or devices in a format they understand. The information may come from many different sources with differing formats and then be forwarded in a common format. Examples include (but are definitely not limited to):
  • Automating Transcript Delivery. Grabbing different school transcripts directly from a printer stream, extracting common and/or relevant information, placing this information in a relational DB, and then forwarding it to its destination (e.g., different colleges) in a consistent, easy to understand, format. In addition each college may have its own input requirements such as electronic PDF, electronic XML, printed PDF, or specially formatted electronic data.

  • Email Reporting Extracting statistical or other information from selected emails, storing this data in a database and producing web-based, real-time statistical reports. Simultaneous to this alarm conditions on certain emails will trigger automated phone calls to chosen individuals.

  • Consolidating Financials Combining multiple financial reports from different sources or applications into a global, summarized view of the information. This information is then sent to the relevant individuals in a spreadsheet format and a PDF report.

  • Systems Conversions Performing the data conversion required when two separate organizations and systems are combined, or providing the recovery of a failed systems conversion activity. In all cases, special reports are created for balancing and verification purposes.

  • Automating Tellers Provide a real-time, touch screen, customer interface to different online teller transaction systems allowing for a reduction in the need for bank tellers.

  • Systems Integration Integrating disparate legacy systems together eliminating manual re-keying, and without changing any of the participating systems.

  • User Friendly Interfaces Simply placing a web-based front-end on an existing CRT based system.

Within or between organizations there are usually processes or systems that require manual re-keying of information. RMC eliminates the manual process by reliably and efficiently capturing data in electronic form, extracting the relevant information, and delivering this information to another system and/or organization in the desired format. This automated preparation ensures secure, fast, consistent and accurate results.
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