Pomona Brings City Hall to Their Neighborhood

Need a City permit or job application but can’t make a trip to City Hall? Need to find a bus route but no transit center nearby? Want to know what special events are happening in Pomona? Well, the answer to these questions can be found in your neighborhood shopping center or even in your community park center with RMC's Kiosk Information System. With the intent of “Bringing City Hall to Your Neighborhood,” these “InfoExpress” Kiosks provide direct access to vital local, county, state, and federal government agencies as well as transportation and community services information. In addition, users have the ability to print e-government forms and documents directly from each Kiosk. City Hall information at your fingertips and close to home. Now, that’s express service. These easy to use, state-of-the-art Kiosks are available for resident use in each City Council district at the following community and business locations: . . more
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