Intelligent Sensing, Interfacing and Control

RMC Integration (RMC) develops communication interfaces between serial, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, CAN, and specialized buses for embedding in small (or any) processors. These interfaces, in combination with any hardware platform, allow for or become data acquisition and control appliances or servers. They may simply provide data conversion, error checking and recovery, or intelligently collect, control and process data directly from any industrial, laboratory, or home monitoring and control device. This data can then be interfaced to any information system for further processing, statistical presentation, or control activities. Features of the software include:
  • Plug & Play Interfacing Plug & Play interface to any monitoring and/or control device through serial or TCP/IP connections. If an existing interface doesn't exist, one can be created in a few hours.

  • Unattended Operations 24/7 operations without operator intervention.

  • Real-Time Data Conversion Translate gathered data into useful information and use store-and-forward techniques, forward the data immediately, or store it to a local or remote database.

  • Synergistic Consolidation Simultaneously interface multiple devices to work together. A simple example is a bar code reader in combination with one or more monitoring devices communicating with a legacy/management system.

  • Platform and database independent.

  • Relational Database Built-in relational database management system.

  • Online Control Built-in Web Server for online access and control, including real-time browser based reporting.

  • Centralized Monitoring Broadcasts status to a web site or email location.

  • Secure Encrypted messages if desired.

  • Scalable Scales from remote single device applications to large device clusters over a Wide Area Network.

  • Multiple Protocols Supports HL7, XML, MIB/IEEE, or custom protocols.

Currently our interfaces are used in manufacturing, testing, and security systems. We also use the data acquisition capability in our own kiosk products.
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