Web Applications, Application Support, and Legacy Front Ends

RMC Integration (RMC) can develop new web applications based on your requirements, produce an easy-to-use interface and/or take over support of your existing applications, even if they are based on old technology. These applications run in multi-platform environments and use standard relational database systems, both commercial and open source. Recent examples include:
  • Personnel Recruitment Web applicant tracking, recruiting, evaluation and assignment system that supports both union and non-union environments. Features include: (1) user created applications and reviews, (2) rule-based decision support for hiring, re-hiring, job assignment, and reviews, (3) online application and application routing creation with automated web postings (and removals), (4) online contract/offer letter creation, calculation, and management, (5) automated online sign-in processing including the creation of W-4s, etc., and (6) nightly database offload for end-user data analysis purposes.

    This system is available in most system environments including through our/your kiosks.

  • Health Club Web multi-platform, multi-location health club system. Features include single and family memberships, dependent add-ons, membership billing and payment, controlled access, online barcode sign in, locker rental, equipment reservation and rental, activity sign ups, accounting transactions and interface, extensive reporting, and the ability to simultaneously manage multiple non-related end-users through the same terminal and web session.

  • This system is available in most system environments including through our/your kiosks.

  • Automated Transcripts Web service that automates the ordering, processing, and exchange of student transcripts. This application has five parts: (1) it allows students to request (and pay for) one or more transcripts online, (2) it securely extracts transcript data from the sending school's information system, (3) the school registrar approves the request, (4) the system formats the transcript data for the designated recipients (schools), and (5) the recipient receives the transcript in its chosen form (PDF, EDI, XML). Various ticklers and confirmation emails are sent out as needed.

    This system relies heavily on RMC's information extraction and conversion tools. It can scale to support thousands of transcripts per day.

  • Legacy Front-End A multi-platform front-end to an existing task and inventory management system for a major airline's aircraft engine maintenance facility. Without changing the core system, the new front-end replaced a very old card based system.

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