Docufide Secure Transcript™

Docufide/Parchment says "Kick the Habit". Every year more than 35 million transcripts go out to colleges and universities across the nation. Most of them are still printed, stuffed, stamped and mailed - at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars in staff hours and postage. RMC Integration has helped Docufide develop a better way. Docufide's Secure Transcript™ service automates the entire process of exchanging student transcripts. . . more

RMC Beams Print Data Into a Database

RMC Integration has created a unique method of extracting data from a print file into a database. This technique allows multiple legacy systems to upload information to a single database. Concurrently, RMC developed a multi-platform secure upload system that allows 128 bit SSL transfers across the internet. Used together the system allows an individual to print an order in Australia and receive the data in a database in Texas, without expensive upgrades or e-commerce solutions. more

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