Specialized Algorithm Creation and/or Applicability

RMC will specify, create, select or validate algorithms and their requisite data structures for specific computational problems. This includes, but is not limited to, algorithms for scheduling, parsing, pattern comparison, searching, and combinatorial optimization.

The key to this activity is putting the right team together to meet a specific need. RMC, in conjunction with facility from CSUCI, have the specialized mathematical, analysis, and programming skills to solve difficult problems using specialized algorithms. Team members include:

William J. Wolf
Dr. Wolfe, with a Ph.D. in Mathematics from CUNY, has over 28 years in high technology related activities. He was a commissioned officer in the United States Navy, AI Group member at Lockheed-Martin (computer vision and software modeling of autonomous vehicles and manipulators), on the computer science faculty at UCD, and currently chair person of the computer science dept. at CSUCI. For the past 15 years his research focused on mathematical analysis of Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and other advanced modeling methods applied to planning and scheduling problems, plus applying technology to instructional design.

Dr. Wolfe has been the Principal Investigator on many projects funded by industry (e.g., DARPA, NASA, JPL), and authored over 80 articles, reports, and textbook chapters on Software applied to Algorithms, Neural Networks, Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Vision, Intelligent Agents, and Automated Planning and Scheduling.

Keith R. Milliken
Dr. Milliken has over 30 years experience in high technology professional activities. He was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and for four years he was a professor in the mathematics department, at California Polytechnic State University.

For ten years, Dr. Milliken was a research computer scientist and senior manager at the IBM Watson Research Center. Thereafter he was Vice President of Research and Development first at MVS Software Corporation and later at Enterprise Software---both companies dedicated to automating the operation of corporate data centers.

Dr. Milliken holds patents on algorithms used in several software products. His publications include thirty research papers and a book "Expert Systems in Data Processing" (Addison-Wesley). He is the recipient of seven awards from IBM including four for Outstanding Technical Achievements.

Ronald V. Rieger
Mr. Rieger has over 35 years experience in high technology activities and corporate consulting. He founded RMC in 1977, after leaving TRW where his last position was new product development. Though his primary focus is RMC, he is also on the CSUCI faculty teaching mathematics and computer science. He recently spearheaded a new multi-discipline minor in video game development at CSUCI.  Additionally he has started a non-profit corporation called the Education Game Research Institute (Egris). He has an M.A. in math and completed his Ph.D. coursework in operations research, all at UCLA.

Mr. Rieger has designed and/or been responsible for the development of dozens of end-user and system-level software products. He has also been a key player in multiple start-ups and reorganizations. He has developed algorithms for pattern matching and information extraction, high performance database management, specialized languages, and automated scheduling. He currently has a patent pending for some of his pattern matching activities.

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