Android Development

Android is a complete operating environment based upon the Linux® V2.6 kernel. Many network-based or network-capable appliances run a flavor of the Linux kernel. It's a solid platform: cost-effective to deploy and support and readily accepted as a good design approach for deployment. Android adds simplicity plus a full range of computing services, interfaces, and rich functional support. It is not only successfully used in thousands of smart phone applications, but can be used in such systems as security and safety systems, conventional appliances, such as a stove, microwave or bread maker, and any device that needs an easy-to-use but sophisticated interface.
RMC currently is using the Android operating environment for a variety of applications such as:

  • Water Management Monitoring, Alerts, and Control An Android display monitors water usage, notifies when problems occur, and allows you to override the autonomous irrigation activities. This is through embedded WiFi controllers also by RMC.

  • Single/Dual Oven Interface An Android display controls a new award winning state-of-the art oven through an embedded controller (also by RMC). This is a very feature-rich, simple-to-use touch interface. It can also be securely controlled via a smart phone.

  • Campus Security/Safety Upon entering a school campus Android mobile phones are used to track, warn, and act as an emergency calling device for students, faculty, and staff. If there is an area to avoid the individual is notified and redirected. If the individual is in trouble he/she can use the phone to simply and rapidly notify appropriate personnel (e.g., campus police).

  • Bedside Support for Alzeimer/Dementia Patients Often when an Alzeimer/Dementia individual wakes up they are somewhat confused. When she goes to bed there are certain activities that should occur (e.g. take out a hearing aid and turn it off, brush teeth). This Android device lets her know the date and time, the current weather, suggestions for dressing, what are the next activities, etc. It knows when the individual is in the room, when she wakes, when she lies down to rest, and instructs her or makes adjustments to the environment (e.g., temperature control) accordingly.

  • Intelligent Safety/Security/Environmental System An Android devices acts as the entry and control interface for a intelligent safety/ security system. The system uses voice control and can combine multiple sensors/switches to make decisions and take specific actions (e.g., turn lights on/off, wake/alert a local or offsite individual, control temperature, open/close garage door, …). Again this system works with existing systems or uses an RMC embedded system for multiple controls.

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