RMC Integration (RMC) provides environmental systems, software/hardware systems and product design and development, systems/sensor/actuator integration, consulting, and intelligent, high performance algorithms often utilizing talented university students. Our rates are more than reasonable, often comparable to the cost of off-shore development while keeping all the work in the USA. Explore our products and services below.

Water Einstein - Smart Water Management Using WiFi based sensors/controllers while integrating into an existing system, water usage is minimized by watering only if needed. The system also learns what usage should be, and immediately reports problems (e.g. leakage). Aimmi - Your Intelligent Assistant Provides intelligent, cloud-based, multi-sensor, multi-actuator, real-time monitoring, control and decision support. Used for systems in environmental, security, safety, classroom management, manufacturing testing, real-time analytics, ..
Android Development We have the knowledge and experience to cost effectively develop simple and complex Android applications. We also integrate it into your hardware/system environment Embedded Systems RMC offers configurable tools for integrating devices, smart phones, voice, and cameras, and provides embedded system and IoT development services (e.g., the award-winning Dacor IQ Oven). Classroom Management Full on-line and in-class support; file-sharing, automated emails and reminders, online tests with immediate feedback, online grading and grade availability, low-grade notification ...
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