Water Einstein - Smart Water Management

The efficient use of water is a very important issue. Irrigate precisely and efficiently with our practical, intelligent water management solutions. Water Einstein optimizes water usage by using new or existing sensors, and our proven decision management and control system. We provide innovative, reasonable cost solutions for residential, parks and recreation facilities, nurseries, roadway medians and public areas, and cities and municipalities. Some of the features are listed below.
  • Uses new or existing sensors, actuators and timers including video, audio, motion, water, flow, distance, time and weather
  • Directly controls existing actuators such as valves, motors, cameras, voice, end effectors, arms, valves, motors, switches,..
  • Communicates via WiFi or direct connect using voice I/O, text messages, email and IP packets
  • Triggers actions based on weighted combinations of input, history, timed responses and data accrued
  • Refines decision making based on historical data
  • Intelligently initiates actions only when needed, or initiates actions based-on manually set calendared events
  • Workflow or decision processing capable for establishing best practice results
  • Utilizes Aimmi for decision processing and feedback/control.

  • Please visit our Water Einstein site for more information on water management and Water Einstein.
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